Disruptive Innovation

Fabric Technology

Kyūr® collections are scientifically engineered to maximize your performance—no matter your work conditions. We have created three unique fabrications that are designed to work together to deliver unprecedented durability, comfort and protection. All of our materials are sourced and manufactured in the U.S.



DURATEX/ The water repellant 5.5oz four-way stretch fabric is made from 88% Nylon 66 and 12% Spandex. The tightly woven fabric is inherently extremely durable yet comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The secret is in the bi-component yarn as the more fragile Spandex is encapsulated in the highly durable Nylon 66 yarn. The double weave fabric has a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish that block fluids and contaminants. When subjected to the Martindale Abrasion Test (ASTM D4966) it survived over 50,000 cycles. The fabric has a tear strength that is off the charts; 82.5psi (5800 g/f) along the length of the fabric, and 126.6psi (8900 g/f) across the width (ASTM D 1424). DURATEX is so strong that it is used by the U.S special forces, as well as professional football and baseball teams.



CATALYST / This fabric meets the exacting AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) Standard and is AMSI/AAMI PB70 Level 2 certified. This four-level rating provides standards for liquid barrier protection and is recognized as the consensus standard for surgical gowns by the FDA. 

Our CATALYST scrub tops offer the same levels of protection typically found on Level 2 surgical gowns. Our fabric is scientifically engineered for moderate liquid barrier protection when there is a slight risk of fluid exposure during minimally invasive surgical procedures and continues to perform even after 70+ launderings. 
CATALYST is a 4.6oz Warp Knit fabric with DWR (Durable Water Repellency) and a Tear Strength; Wales @ 21.2lbs / Courses @ 18.4lbs (industry requirement @7lbs).



This fabric was custom made for Kyur® and is powered by 37.5® Thermoregulating Technology. To understand how cooling impacts human performance, scientists from the University of Colorado Boulder ran a study to measure the time to maximum temperature and core body temperature. Testers wore one of three garments; polyester wicking shirt, a cooling vest or a 37.5 polyester shirt. The test subjects wearing 37.5 technology shirts were able to perform up to 28% longer because of the slower temperature build-up.

This revolutionary technology keeps your core body temperature at the ideal 37.5° Celsius and the microclimate next to your skin at the perfect relative humidity of 37.5%. Extruded into each yarn are thousands of activated carbon particles¬—volcanic sand packed with billions of micropores, that are triggered off of humidity.
Humidity is the gauge of whether you are hot or cold; if no moisture is present, meaning you are cold, the particles retain the IR energy emitted by your body and helps keep you warm. When you generate heat and moisture (sweat vapor) is present, the particles use the IR energy to remove the vapor out of the clothing system. Without these active particles vapor has no reason to leave the microclimate at your skin’s surface. While other polyester fabrics wick liquid sweat, DELTA with 37.5® Technology evacuates humidity before liquid sweat forms. This technology is scientifically proven to increase stamina by 26% through reducing the amount of energy used to manage core body temperature. The University of Colorado’s Human Physiology and Sports Medicine Department demonstrated that a long-sleeve shirt with an API of 100 enables an athlete to perform up to 28% longer above their lactate threshold by significantly reducing their rate of core temperature buildup during high activity. DELTA has an API of 239!

The particles also trap odor molecules and then release them when they’re washed and dried. Since they are extruded into the yarn the particles are permanently embedded in the fiber and will last the lifetime of the garment.
DELTA has an Anti-Microbial finish that is 99.9% effective against Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria.