DURATEX Fabric for High Performance Healthcare Scrubs

DURATEX Fabric: Unveiling the Advantages of this High-Performance Material for Apparel

Welcome to the future of high-performance fabric. Enter DURATEX, a ground-breaking, made-in-America material that's making waves in the textile industry for its unmatched strength, versatility, and comfort. Originally made for U.S. Special Forces and now used by professional sport teams, DURATEX fabric is revolutionizing performance apparel. Its secret lies in a unique blend of Nylon 66 and Spandex, offering a robust and versatile textile option that truly packs a punch. In this blog, we'll discuss the advantages of DURATEX fabric, explore its unique properties and applications, and why it has become an industry game-changer.

The Magic of DURATEX

Imagine a fabric that's tough enough to survive over 50,000 cycles on the Martindale Abrasion Test (ASTM D4966) yet is lightweight and stretchy enough to comfortably fit your form. Say that someone gets in and out of a chair 20 times every single day. This equals 7,300 double rubs in a year. With a 50,000 Martindale rating you would estimate 6.8 years before you see any visible wear. DURATEX is a meticulously crafted fabric using bi-component yarns where the Spandex is securely encapsulated within the highly durable Nylon 66 yarn.  The result is a 5.5 oz fabric that is 10 timex stronger than 7oz denim.

Advantages of DURATEX Fabric

1. Unmatched Durability

The strength of DURATEX is second to none. Its high durability makes it ideal for high-performance applications, from military use to professional sports. This is a fabric built to withstand extreme conditions and repeated wear, providing longevity and reliable performance.

2. Superior Comfort

Despite its durability, DURATEX doesn't compromise on comfort. The four-way stretch of this fabric provides superior adaptability to movement and body contours. Furthermore, its unique blend of Nylon and Spandex ensures a comfortable feel against the skin, even during extended periods of wear.

3. High-Performance Capabilities

Designed with high-performance scenarios in mind, DURATEX fabric is enhanced with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. This makes the fabric not only hardy but also protective, guarding against spills, splashes, and dirt in high-intensity environments.

4. Made in America 

All DURATEX fabric is manufactured in America from premium U.S yarns. 

Why DURATEX is the Future of High-Performance Apparel

There's no denying the value of a fabric that offers superior durability, comfort, and high-performance capabilities. Add to this a lifetime guarantee, and you have a textile that's hard to beat. DURATEX fabric pushes the boundaries of what's possible in textile technology, meeting and exceeding the demands of modern high-performance apparel.

Shop DURATEX Bottoms Today

Ready to revolutionize your performance with DURATEX fabric? Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and high performance. Better performance starts with better material, so choose DURATEX. Shop our range of DURATEX bottoms today. You can also get in touch with us by filling in the contact form on our website.

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