Behind the Scenes: The Design and Manufacturing Process of High-Performance Scrubs

Behind the Scenes: The Design and Manufacturing Process of High-Performance Scrubs

Kyūr was founded by award-winning designer and high-altitude mountaineer Nick Cienski, whose vision is to redefine the standard for high-performance scrubs. The medical apparel market has largely missed out on the design and material innovations that have become synonymous with performance apparel industries. Leveraging his experience designing technically advanced apparel for the outdoor and athletic industries, Nick has shifted his focus to medical apparel, delivering unparalleled quality and high-performance scrubs.

The Inspiration Behind High-Performance Scrubs

Nick Cienski's vision for Kyūr is grounded in his 20+ years of design and innovation. With his designs being worn by Olympic champions, U.S Special Forces, high-altitude Sherpas, and Sir Richard Branson on his flight to space, Cienski understands the critical role that performance apparel plays in different high-intensity environments. Now, he's channeled this understanding into medical apparel, reimagining the traditional scrub as a high-performance garment.

The genesis of Kyūr's high-performance scrub began with the simple idea of Zero Distractions, providing unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement throughout long shifts and medical procedures. With growing advancements in the medical field, Kyūr recognized the necessity for scrubs that could offer more than just the baseline level of hygiene and protection. This need paved the way for designing and developing scrubs that provide optimal performance in the demanding healthcare environment.

Understanding the Design and Manufacturing Process

In Cienski's words, "Instead of trying to build another low-cost fast-fashion scrub, we are choosing to focus on creating highly desirable, highly technical collections." The design process at Kyūr combines this philosophy with a deep understanding of the physical and mental stamina required by medical professionals. Kyūr is the first medical apparel brand to approach scrubs from the same science perspective used to make gear for elite athletes, mountaineers, and astronauts.

Kyūr stands out for its commitment to American craftsmanship and its lifetime guarantee. All products are sourced, designed, and manufactured in the U.S. using premium materials and local craftsmen/women.

The Science of Fabrics

Kyūr's collections are engineered to maximize performance, offering unprecedented durability, comfort, and protection. Three unique fabrications come into play. They include:

DURATEX: This lightweight (5oz) and extremely durable fabric is woven from a bicomponent Nylon 66 yarn with 12% Spandex. It is 10x stronger than 7oz denim yet has a great four-way stretch. Which is why it is worn by U.S. special forces and professional sports teams.

CATALYST: This fabric is ANSI/ AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) PB 70 Level 2 Certified for Re-usable / Multi-use Isolation Gowns intended for use in health care facilities. The Level 2 Standard offers liquid barrier protection even after 70+ launderings.

DELTA: This custom-made fabric, powered by 37.5 Thermoregulating Technology, is unique to Kyūr. The permanently embedded technology helps regulate core body temperature by evacuating the humidity build-up next to your skin. This increases stamina by 28% by reducing energy used to manage body temperature. The fabric is odor-capturing and has an anti-microbial finish that is 99.9% effective against certain bacteria.

Experience High-Performance Scrubs Today

Now that you've delved behind the scenes into the design and manufacturing process of Kyur's high-performance scrubs, it's time to experience the innovation firsthand. Visit our website to explore our scientifically engineered collections and shop for your desired high-performance scrubs. For any questions or assistance, reach out through our contact form.

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