Premium Medical Scrubs: They are Not Cheap Because They are Not Cheap

Premium Medical Scrubs: They are Not Cheap Because They are Not Cheap

In the post-pandemic medical world, professionals demand that their uniforms perform to a higher standard, keeping them safe, comfortable, and stylish. Today's more basic medical scrubs are not meeting these expectations. In a recent study by Career Crawlers, over 1,000 medical professionals were asked how their scrubs performed under the following criteria: durability, comfort, fit, and style. The results speak for themselves; 91% were dissatisfied with the durability, resulting in some professionals having to purchase between 7-12 sets of scrubs each year! An astounding 94% found their uniforms lacking any sense of style, while 82% found them to have a poor fit. Over 62% of respondents found their uniforms to be uncomfortable to wear for long periods. 

The true test of any workwear is its functionality. Kyur is at the forefront of redefining the standards of how medical apparel should perform. This begins by understanding the needs of modern-day healthcare professionals then, developing fabrics, and designing garments that solve their problems. The result is that Kyur scrubs keep professionals more comfortable and safer than any medical apparel on the market today. 


Any best-in-class product comes at a premium price: technology, automobiles, watches, and apparel. Our scrubs are expensive because we invest in state-of-the-art fabric technology, design and manufacturing. Whereas much of the medical apparel industry is based on the fast-fashion business model, at Kyur, we are laser focused on solving the needs of modern-day medical professionals. 

When talking to surgical teams we understood that under their protective gowns, nurses and surgeons were sweating. This was why we launched our base layer tops made from our DELTA fabric; thermoregulating, sweat-evaporating, odor-blocking, and antimicrobial. Here is what one doctor had to say, "I wear Kyur’s base layer top under my protective lead intra-op for hours with no sweat through to my lead." Today, surgical teams around the country are using our base layer tops to keep comfortable during surgical procedures.

We also heard that many scrub pants do not offer enough freedom of movement and those that do wear out quickly. Our solution was to make our pants from our DURATEX fabric; lightweight, 10x stronger than denim, water repellant, and stretches like a dream. Here is what a recent customer had to say about them, "The pants are really the game changer - they are phenomenal. Stylish, super lightweight, and a major upgrade from regular scrubs." 

Design and Manufacturing

When speaking to doctors and nurses we often heard them saying things like, "I'm tired of wearing pajamas to work," and "Make me look the professional that I am." We took these comments to heart and designed our premium collections to be both contemporary and functional, allowing medical professionals to express their style without sacrificing the integrity of their profession.

We manufacture all of our garments in the U.S.A which is more expensive than other parts of the world. However, we believe that on-shoring our production gives us better visibility into labor and environmental adherence, as well as building stronger local economies. 

Lastly, we all love our planet which is why we have chosen to incorporate more durable textiles in our collections. As millions of scrubs are thrown away each year contributing to our landfills our hope is that as medical professionals experience the quality and durability that our garments offer, fewer scrubs will be thrown away. We are actively working on finding a way to create a 'give-back' option whereby our old scrubs can be returned and recycled. Stay tuned to hear more about this exciting initiative. 

Unlock the Future of High-Performance Medical Scrubs with Kyur

The future of medical apparel is here, and it promises a blend of unsurpassed comfort and functionality. Kyūr collections are scientifically engineered to maximize your performance—no matter your work conditions. We have created the following three unique fabrications that are designed to work together to deliver unprecedented durability, comfort, and protection:

Our meticulous attention to material innovations and garment design ensures that our high-tech medical apparel provides unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement throughout long shifts and medical procedures. Visit our website to learn more about our products. You can also fill out our online contact form to shop Now.

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